Saving you time and money
while expanding choices

In today’s busy world, small steps that save you time, money or add convenience are truly exceptional. The SUM® Program does all three. By having accessibility to thousands of ATMs without surcharge fees, it is easier to withdraw cash on the go. And the bright red SUM logo makes it easy to tell which ATMs participate in the program.

If your bank or credit union is a SUM program member, all of the SUM advantages are yours with no extra hassle. There is no registration process, and no additional card is needed.

Advantages include:

  • Access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs, regardless of how many ATMs your financial institution operates
  • No surcharges for withdrawing cash when using SUM ATMs
  • Find SUM ATMs easily with the bright red logo
  • Look up SUM ATM locations in advance by clicking here
  • Look up SUM ATMs wherever you are with the SUM Mobile ATM Locator
  • No signup required by cardholders. Your financial institution simply needs to participate in the SUM Program.
  • The convenience of using your current card at any participating ATM

SUM more steps for a better financial life

Once you save time and money with the SUM program, you may think about taking other steps to improve your finances. Financial experts from participating SUM institutions offer tips on how to use the SUM program to your advantage and to make other improvements in your financial life.