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Some people pay a surcharge at the ATM.
SUM don’t.

ATMs offer extraordinary convenience, providing anytime access to cash and account information in the smallest towns and the biggest cities. However, if you use an ATM not affiliated with your own financial institution, you might be required to pay an additional fee for the convenience.

The SUM® Program allows you to save time and money by offering surcharge-free access to  thousands of ATMs around the country. If your financial institution is a SUM Program member, you can use any SUM ATM without paying a surcharge.

The benefits of the SUM Program are immediate and easy to access. You don’t have to register, and all you need to withdraw cash without a surcharge is your financial institution-issued ATM card. Regardless of how many ATMs your financial institution has, with SUM, you have even more options for withdrawing funds anytime, anywhere.

ATMs in the SUM Program are easily identified by the bright red SUM logo. Keep an eye out for the SUM logo or view our list of participating ATMs. Convenience without an extra premium. Now that’s SUMthing worth applauding.



What is SUM?

SUM is a convenient and easy way to avoid surcharge fees. Cardholders of financial institutions who have joined the SUM Program can withdraw funds from designated ATMs belonging to other SUM Program members, without a surcharge fee. If your financial institution participates in the SUM Program, just look for other ATMs with the bright red SUM logo. You can then be sure that you won't incur a surcharge for accessing your cash.


What is the benefit of being part of the SUM Program?

Thanks to the SUM Program, participating cardholders can withdraw funds from thousands of ATMs in addition to their financial institution's ATMs, without paying additional surcharge fees. The program saves you time and money, making it more convenient to access your cash.


What is a surcharge fee? Is it different from an ATM service fee?

Some financial institutions charge a “service fee” to their cardholders when you use an ATM that is owned by another organization. This is different from a surcharge fee, which is charged by the ATM owner and appears on your receipt. Check with the financial institution that issued your debit card for information on their ATM transaction service fee policy.


How can I be part of the SUM Program?

Immediate access to surcharge-free SUM ATMs is available if your financial institution is a member of the SUM Program. To see if your bank or credit union is a member of SUM, click here.


Do I need a special SUM ATM card?

No. To make surcharge-free withdrawals at SUM ATMs, you simply need to have an ATM card from a financial institution that participates in the SUM Program. For a complete list of participating financial institutions, click here.


How do I know if my financial institution is a member of SUM?

For a complete list of participating financial institutions, click here. If your financial institution is not listed as a SUM member, we recommend that you do two things. First, contact your bank or credit union representative and ask them to join SUM. Second, contact us and we will reach out to your institution and encourage them to join SUM. Just click here and send us your name, your financial institution's name, and the city and state in which they are located.


If a financial institution belongs to SUM, can I use all of their ATMs, surcharge-free?

The bright red SUM logo identifies all ATMs that can be used surcharge-free. SUM Program members designate which of their ATMs they would like to include in the SUM Program, so look for the SUM logo!  Or click here to locate a SUM ATM near you.


Can my financial institution charge me a fee for using a SUM ATM?

Your financial institution can charge you a service fee for using another institution's ATM, whether it's a SUM ATM or not. Check with your financial institution for their current ATM transaction service fee policies.

By using a SUM ATM, you avoid being charged a surcharge fee by the owner of that ATM.


How do I find a SUM ATM?

There are two convenient ways to locate SUM ATMs. Click here here to locate by nearby address or zip code. If you have a Smartphone (iPhone®  or Android™), download the free SUM Mobile ATM locator from your app store. GPS functionality is included in the SUM mobile app! So whether at home planning a trip or on the road with your Smartphone, you can easily find the nearest SUM ATM!


Are there SUM ATMs outside the United States?

Currently, SUM ATMs are located in the United States and Puerto Rico.


How many SUM ATMs are there?

There are thousands of ATMs participating in the SUM Program. New SUM ATMs are being added every month. To locate nearby SUM ATMs, click here.




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